What is Date Night?

Date Night is a phenomenon sweeping the country!

Why? People are so busy with work & their social networks they don’t have time for the relationships that matter the most. Date Night Florida is a movement to help people carve out time out of their busy schedules to hang with the person that matters most. Couples everywhere are scheduling date nights, which are fun and engaging. Download our FREE Date Night Florida Program with lots of great things to do, Date Night conversations, and some fun Date Night quizzes. Each of these elements are designed to keep you engaged in your relationship and to help you Get your date night on!!! Your relationship needs YOU! Research shows that couples who devote time to each other at least once a week are more likely to have higher levels of communication, sexual satisfaction and commitment.

These results are fueling a dating movement nationwide that challenges couples to go out on more dates. Date Night Florida will be running throughout 2013 in 8 -10 cities across Florida. During which, celebrations of relationships will materialize spontaneously in the form of flash mobs, Date Night Events and special promotions designed to help everyone: young, old, married and single; “Get their date on!” Local dining, lodging, entertainment and retail businesses are joining the initiative with special offers.