Married couples who play together stay together @DateNightFL

New research shows that married couples need to date regularly if they want to have healthy lasting Relationship:



Couples on the run who have given up trying to find time to go out on dates together may be sliding down the slippery slope to poor relationship. A New Date Night Florida study has found. Couples who rarely go out on dates together are almost twice as likely to divorce as those who find time for each other every day, say The Date Night Florida report.


Dating allows couples to focus on their relationship, to share feelings, to engage in romantic activities with one another and to try new things,” says the report. It also suggests that dating may “strengthen or rekindle that romantic spark” that is often lost with the passing of the years. Anyone who has been married for any length of time – particularly if they have children – will know how difficult it can be to find the time for a date, let alone to make it a regular event.  So be intentional on planning your next date and make dating one of your top priorities.


Here is some fun dating Ideas:


Create Alone Time Every Day:  Even when life’s distractions take over much of your time, penciling in an hour or so every day keeps a relationship vibrant — and it’s easier than you think. Workout with your spouse each morning. If you both like running, plan your jog at the same time. Hit the gym together or take a yoga class. Bonding over a good sweat does wonders for your love.



Plan a Distraction-free GetawaySometimes getting away is all your relationship really needs. Consider a getaway. Escaping all the hustle and bustle of everyday life rekindles the flame. Plan a weekend trip with your spouse in mind. If your partner likes hiking, plan a long weekend hike into the mountains and find a secluded cabin rental.  Find a bed and breakfast by the ocean and spend the day relaxing on the beach. Make certain the getaway takes your spouse’s interests into account.


Keep the Surprises ComingWhile we can’t turn back time to the days when we weren’t so well acquainted, we can create surprises in our everyday interactions. Start by communicating with your spouse even when no communication is necessary. Send a Text just to tell him you love him and miss him. Better yet, write a letter. Keep them fun loving and encouraging.


Find a New Mutual Hobby Together:  New experiences keep marriages dynamic. Cultivate new conversations, passions and mutual interests by choosing a new hobby together. If you’re both into sports, consider golf, tennis, cross fit, hiking or walking. Consider surf lessons or cooking classes. Just choose an activity that you both enjoy and will have fun learning about together. If you love eating out, explore new restaurants once a week, and remember leave the kids at home.



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