Marriage Matters and Your Employer

Healthy Relationships: The ultimate competitive advantage:

by Dave Duncan


While traditional corporate America has been trying to keep the professional and personal lives of their employees separate, it is clear they have a major impact on each other. As you will see, marriage and relationship wellness in the businesses place should be a top priority of any companies CEO. Divorce and failing relationships impact how an employee performs at work and costs employers lots of money.

  • FACT:  American trends in marriage and family life are changing rapidly. Over 90% of all Americans will marry at some point in their lives, yet almost 50% of these relationships end in dissolution.


  • FACT: In the year following a divorce a worker loses 168 hours of time on the job. This equates to being gone 21 workdays or over four weeks. Employees thus lose 8% of their productivity after a divorce.


  • FACT: The Harvard Business Review estimates that presenteeism costs American businesses $150 billion annually in direct and indirect costs.


  • FACT: Work loss associated with family stress, marital problems and parenting issues translates into a loss of approximately $6 billion per year for corporate America.


  • FACT: Research suggests that a mid-level salaried executive who divorces will cost the company around $8,465 and a front line worker will cost the company around $3,770.


Relationship wellness and enrichment programs should be a strategic part of any company’s human resources programs.  Couples in healthy relationships are more loyal and stable employees. They are likely to increase company profits are a more productive in their work. Get the competitive edge your company needs today by promoting healthy relationships.

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