Husbands as Heroes

by Ted Lowe – I recently spoke at a one-night event for married couples held at a local church. Before the event, I overheard two guys talking in the restroom. They were bemoaning the fact they had to be there. Then one said to the other, “Hang in there, we can handle anything for a hour and a half.”

While I wasn’t exactly encouraged by the remark, it didn’t surprise me. It’s no wonder these guys and so many others, feel this way. So many marriage resources, books and events for married couples, seem to be way more geared towards women. Everything from promotion to graphics to stage design, seems to focus primarily on women.

This has driven me nuts since 2001, because for the most part, women aren’t the ones who have to be convinced to focus on their marriage—it’s us guys. So every time I get the chance to speak to or speak into married couples, I always assure the guys that I “have their backs.” I attempt to make them laugh, relate to them, and speak their language.

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