Jason Earles – Fresh At 14: 6 Tips To Keep Your Marriage Fresh

On our anniversary date last night, my bride & I were trying to figure where the time had gone. (Probably to the 6 kids). As I sat across from her in the restaurant, I kept trying to go back in my mind to our college years and see that young college girl. I recalled the moments I 1st met her in Earth Science. I laughed, looked in her eyes, and said I thanked God that He’s taken us from that Earth Science to Biology!

Since Dec. 2, 2000, we’ve been on a 14 year journal that has been awesome, amazing, and on most days it really feels fresh! Notice I didn’t say every day. I thought it would be cool to commemorate our anniversary by sharing some of the things we do to stay fresh.

These tips I’m sharing today fall into 1 of 2 categories:
Laugh. A Lot.
I wish we had cameras in the home to show you this, but there are plenty of times when Terri & I are crying and breathless from laughing with each other. Don’t be so cool or dignified in your home that you miss out on the God given moments of acting stupid(slang for out right hilarious).


Become Childlike.
This is not a pass for you dudes to act like you wife is your momma. It’s simply going back to some of the simple things that made you giggle, joyful, and/or depend on someone greater than you.

1) Give A Piggy Back Ride. If the piggy still has a back or if the back can still carry piggy, go for it! I’m not saying walk 50 yards. That old back may only be able to take one second. Moments of trying to be that young groom in my mid 20’s cracks us up.

2) Scare the Crap Out of Each Other. We don’t keep score, but we definitely play to win. My bride & I are always competing on who can scare each other the worst. Whether I come in at 1am from a comedy show and she jumps out before I can turn the lights on or I sneak through the backdoor for a surprise lunch visit, the goal is simply to 1up each other’s jolt. I do however recommend great discretion if you sneak home, especially if she’s a farm girl, fighter, or any type of girl that’s good with throwing, shooting, stabbing etc. Trust me on this. Trust me. It’s not always funny.

3) Visit their World (different interest) every now and then. You may find out you’re interested in something you never thought you’d give 3 minutes of your time. Darn you, Downton Abby!!! We now argue if someone watches it without the other. Not that I would watch something like Downton Abby by my-masculine-self!

4) Be A DOER (of the word) Listen to 1 Cor. 7:5 (. Then read James 1:22. So much comedy is going through my head right now, but I settled on the serious. Based on 1 Cor. 7:5, one way to certainly hand the car keys of your marriage over to the devil is to withhold sexual intimacy from each other. As most guys get excited about this principle, selfishness & being inconsiderate of your bride will cause self damage to the car although the “keys” remain in you guys’ possession. So dudes, try flossing, bathing, & picking up your socks! Sacrifice 1 of the 4 football games you normally watch & do something she enjoys. Go back to the car analogy- they say, If you take care of your car, it will…” Disclaimer: your wife is not your car, she’s your bride you made a vow to honor & cherish, your marriage is.
5) Fight Your Picks We all know the wisdom of “pick your battles,” but when you pick your battle, make sure your fight (fair, honoring God and each other) fight good. Part of giving your heart to someone means allowing them to see whats inside it, and not always covering it up. Express how you feel clearly. Communicate well. Use powerpoint, excell, and flip charts. Who cares if its 3:32am. Keep your spouse awake, doing whatever ever is needed to understand each other (#comedy). If one is understood and the other is not, thats lopsided. Ever tried to shoot hoops with a lopsided ball? If not, just ask somebody who has.

6) Pray & Read The Bible Together. Even though at times someone is destined to fall asleep or butcher some of the biblical words & names, this will do more than you’ll ever know, in addition to all of the comedy shows up while you discover which one of you is the best bible reader.

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